The world’s first investment vehicle to take part in the mining space

What is the Bit5ive Fund?

BIT5IVE FUND is the investment division of BIT5IVE, a U.S.-based corporation established in 2015, the leader in the manufacturing, infrastructure, and logistics of Bitcoin data mining centers. We build, distribute, host, and support the most powerful cryptocurrency hardware in the market, creating a seamless experience for all clients. BIT5IVE researches, develops, and builds state-of-the-art hardware to provide clients with the most advanced solutions and highest performance. BIT5IVE FUND manages Bitcoin mining investment vehicles all over the world. We allow small investors to access an industry mainly controlled by large corporations and institutions.

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Bitcoin Mining Advantage

Bitcoin mining allows for the long-term investor to acquire Bitcoin at a cost of production as opposed to it’s market price, potentially allowing them to acquire more Bitcoin than outright purchases

Industry Estimated

  • Operating Cost of Production: $14,532


Bit5ive Fund Estimated

  • Operating Cost of Production: $7,587

Investment Strategy

Generating income and capital appreciation through our process


Fund deploys capital into data centers, ASIC miners, land leases, and energy infrastructure to develop its proprietary mining operations.


The fund mines and seeks to maximize its long-term Bitcoin holdings to benefit from the anticipated long- term capital appreciation of the asset.


To protect the fund’s NAV and operational profitability, the fund may implement hedging strategies to stabilize mining revenue and reduce balance sheet volatility.

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Bit5ive Mining Fund is an investment fund formed to provide exposure to institutional-grade Bitcoin mining operations for sophisticated and institutional clients