Company Overview

About Bit5ive

Bit5ive is an American technology company and leader in the cryptocurrency mining and infrastructure space. Their cutting-edge modular data centers and management systems enable institutional-scale investors to break into cryptocurrency mining with a turn-key approach.

Bit5ive has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency mining; designing and deploying data centers since 2014. Their proprietary Pod5ive system enables them to quickly and easily deploy modular data centers optimized for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining. This allows them to offer their clients the best possible performance and return on investment.

The Road So far


Founded - Doral, First mining facility in South Florida. 1st Generation USB Miners


Deployment in Washington state. Concept of portable crypto mining data centers


Launched overseas operations in Sweden


Fabricated and launched first Pod5ive mobile mining unit


Deployed facilities in Ohio, Colorado and Georgia. 2nd Generation Pod5ive launches with improved airflow, cooling and efficiency.


8x Pod5ive deployed. 20MW Site in South Carolina


New headquarters and fabrication facility in Miami-Dade County. Broke ground on new Texas facility to host 1.2GW (1,200 Pod5ive)


Bit5ive Fund launched

Bit5ive Locations

Bit5ive carefully selects all of its locations through a comprehensive process that takes factors like environment, climate, and power availability into account. They understand the need for sustainable solutions and are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining. All of their locations are powered by clean energy in order to achieve this goal.

Clean Energy is at the forefront of our selection process. The company understands the need for a sustainable mining solution.

Site Selection takes a number of factors into consideration. Bit5ive has worked with all levels of government and utility providers to ensure a positive economic impact on local communities while power purchasing agreements help maintain affordable rates well into the future.